Enchanting stories from India and Abroad


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Who doesn’t like to sit in a time machine and go back in time to a distant place, a
different world, a world full of sea queens and golden dolls, bandits and monsters,
snakes and tigers, cursing birds and talking crocodiles, dense forests and steep
mountains, and sultans and maharajas?
Good Stories are known to be timeless and eternal. That is why, stories told
thousands of years ago and thousands of miles away excite us and hold us
spellbound, here and now. Tales from the bygone era transport the reader to another
time, another world.
In this book, we bring to you an assortment of twelve beautifully illustrated and
enchanting stories from the folklores and mythologies of diverse countries including
Korea, China, Brazil, Iraq, Egypt, Kenya and Greece, besides India.
These stories are for the young and the old, children and adults; in short, for
everyone who can enjoy a good old story.

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