Fabulous Folktales from India and Abroad


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Folktales, as we know, are stories passed on from generation to generation orally. Folktales of enormous variety have endeared people across countries since time immemorial. These folktales take the readers back to a world that existed hundreds and even thousands of years ago.
This book brings to you another fabulous collection of 12 meticulously selected, intensely researched folktales from 10 different countries. Folktales presented here come to us from Iraq, Israel, Turkey, Middle East, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Germany, Scotland and Hawaii (USA), besides India.
These are very absorbing and engaging stories; stories children and adults would love to read. And, more importantly, they serve a dual purpose. They not only entertain the readers but also enlighten them. As the children and adults read these stories, they get a feel of geography, history and a sense of ancient culture. Further, an insight into the idioms and phrases, word pairs and exposure to strong and vibrant words inbuilt into this book aids young readers in making their conversation better and communication smarter.
This book of stories carries forward the successful trend set by the author’s previous book, ‘Enchanting Stories from India and Abroad’.

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