The psychology of sex – Indian view

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This thought-provoking book takes you on a journey through centuries of Indian wisdom, where sensuality is not merely a physical experience but a spiritual and emotional one. Dr. Hampiholi’s meticulous research unravels the holistic nature of life, as understood in the ancient Indian scriptures.

Explore the timeless teachings of the Kama Sutra, where intimacy is celebrated as an art form. Delve into the sculptures that adorn India’s landscape, revealing the unapologetic embrace of human desires.

“Psychology of Sex – Indian View” transcends cultural boundaries, inviting you to broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of love, marriage, and human connection. It’s a book that challenges preconceptions, dismantles biases, and enriches your perspective on the profound intricacies of human relationships.

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1 review for The psychology of sex – Indian view

  1. Madan delhi

    Indian View is more educational one.

    • Ayodhya Publications

      Agree Sir.

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